Our story

Making candles is a way to tell stories about the things we love through fragrance. Every story is a labor of love, shaped and shared by many hands.

Handmade in Charleston, South Carolina since 2009. Every vessel designed to be repurposed.

  • To activate the senses — to create the spark that becomes the flickering flame, that warms the wax, and releases the fragrance within.
  • To inhale its scent and know the seasons, the herbs, fruits, flowers, plants, and the people who tend them.
  • To savor the food we eat, the wine we drink, and the time we have together, more.
  • To set the table and raise our glasses.

If lighting a candle teaches us anything, it’s that when we slow down and look around, every moment is a chance to come back to our senses, to revel in them, and find the magic that connects us all.

Lean Into Magic

​​Fragrance reveals, transports, and transforms. That’s why we love it. Through scent, we explore lands near and far. We feel the seasons shift.

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